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About Me

Hey! My name is Sunny Golovine. I'm a full stack software engineer from Denver, CO specializing in Web and Mobile Development. I currently work for  Ascendum Solutions. On the side I work on TipTrack, AwesomeDevtools and a bunch of other awesome projects.

My Work


Side Project

Crewsum is an upcoming talent management platform that lets you track timesheet approvals, send out invoices and much more. Built in conjunction with Cloud Talent Services.


Side Project

TipTrack is a tip tracker for iOS and Android that was built with React Native. TipTrack lets you enter tips into the app then create custom metrics to track every aspect about those tips.

Cloud Talent

Professional Project

Client Website. Built with Gatsby and Bootstrap

Awesome Devtools

Side Project

A collection of developer tools from around the internet. Built with TailwindCSS and Gatsby


Side Project

Gistmarks lets users create and share bookmark collections using Github Gist.

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