Sunny Golovine

About Me

I'm a Javascript developer living in Atlanta, currently working for Ascendum Solutions. I specialize in building mobile applications with React Native. When I'm not coding I'm usually hiking or riding my skateboard.

Recent Work

Cloud Talent

Client Website. Built with Gatsby and Bootstrap

Awesome Devtools

A collection of developer tools from around the internet. Built with TailwindCSS and Gatsby


Gistmarks lets users create and share bookmark collections using Github Gist.

Sydney Communities lets users join communities related to medical conditions and share stories and support each other inside the group Sydney Communities also connects users with free and reduced cost resources around the country using Aunt Bertha.

Save the Date

Save the Date is a wedding invitation template with reservation and calendar support

Recent Posts

If you use JIRA at work then your git branches likely look like PROJ-12345-description. Here's a little script you can use to checkout these branches quicker

A few tips and tricks to keeping dependencies in your JS project fresh

I've always wanted to have an old school guestbook for my site. I finally built one using Netlify Functions and Github Gist.