Sunny Golovine


Core Qualifications

Extensive experience in implementing React and React Native applications in a variety of enviorments ranging from startups and SMB's to Fortune 500 companies.

Extensive Experience in building component and styling systems for mobile and web applications, employing tools such as Styled Components, Bootstrap, and TailwindCSS to move quicker in developing frontends UI's.

Experience with building API's to support mobile applications, utilizing the MERN Stack.

Experience with integrating applications with cloud providers including AWS and Firebase. Worked with EC2 and S3 to deliver more traditional API's and serverless technology to deliver simpler solutions.

Work Experience

Ascendum Solutions

Senior Software Engineer

May 2020

 - Present
  • Worked on a team to develop an upcoming social media app for a prominent client in the Healthcare space. Led development in establishing conventions and setting up libraries for other developers to use, as well as implementing key features including push notifications, authentication flows and other 3rd party integrations.
  • Worked directly with the client and their development teams in solving the most challenging issues in developing the app including analytics, security and accessibility.
  • Collaborated with DevOps to build a robust deployment pipeline able to serve multiple environments, and branch level versioning, allowing QA to quickly install and test developer code and allowing seamless demo progress of the app with the client.
  • Worked with other teams in the company on an as-needed basis. to shore up development and solve critical issues on a tight deadline.
  • Wrote highly portable code, allowing features from one app to be quickly ported to other apps, allowing our client to go live with key features quicker.
  • Developed internal tools to help development teams within the company bootstrap React Native applications for new clients quicker. Combining the best practices from existing codebases into a template that can be used to in future projects.

Cox Automotive (Manheim)

Full Stack Software Engineer

Aug 2018

 - Apr 2020
  • Worked on a team to build and maintain several key mobile applications and API's in the Cox Automotive ecosystem. Combined these products resulted in a 20% increase in revenues from online purchasing of vehicles.
  • Implemented a deployment process for the CAFS App that reduced the number of issues during deploys by 50% and led to a smoother and better document deployment procedure.
  • Architected the theming system within the primary mobile application our team built, allowing the app to be themed for client use.
  • Excelled in providing cost and time effective solutions for a number of issues, business use cases and features to our apps and services.

Rali (Formerly OnQ)

Junior Software Engineer

Mar 2017

 - Aug 2018
  • Collaborated with other developers to help build a learning platform in React and React Native for mobile devices.
  • Led an effort to fork an open source WYSIWYG editor and modify it for internal use.
  • Continually worked with product owners and UX designers to enhance features and usability of company products and tools.

Side Projects



Jan 2021

 - Jun 2021

Quickly create and share bookmark collections with others using Github Gist

Webhost Watchdog


Jan 2020

 - Jun 2021

Web hosting review website. Utilizes React, GatsbyJS and JAMStack Technologies to run with virtually no overhead cost.


iOS and Android App

Jan 2019

 - Jun 2021

A tip tracker app for iOS and Android. Keeps track of tips earned and lets the user create custom metrics from their tip data. TipTrack was built using React Native and relies on client side logic to compute tip analytics. Available in the Apple App Store

Fav Bookmark Manager

Browser Extension

Jan 2018

 - Jan 2020

An open source browser extension that lets users create bookmarks and sync them with Github Gist. Succeeded by Gistmarks


Android App

Jan 2017

 - Jan 2018

CopyBin was an Android app that let users quickly copy canned responses


Georgia Southern University

May 2017

Bachelors in Computer Science

Georgia Perimeter College

Sep 2015

Associates in Science